Matt Adams

Hello, my name is Matt. My previous career track was in software development and I remain involved in various technology projects to this day.


My operating system of choice is FreeBSD but I used Linux for nearly 23 years until 2017 when the systemd debacle caused me to switch away. I've also run OpenBSD from time-to-time but haven't been able to commit to it due to a lack of virtualization support, among other things. Plan 9 and derivatives interest me but like everyone else, I have other things in life I'd rather spend time on. I have an in-depth understanding of BSD and GNU systems and have written and deployed software on Mac and Windows platforms.

I have used a wide variety of computer languages over the years. My preferred areas of expertise include Bash and Bourne shells, Java (on Android), Perl and Tcl/Tk. I am conversant in Assembly (x86), C and to a lesser extent, Lisp and employ PostgreSQL and SQLite on a regular basis. Whenever possible I'll edit code using GNU Emacs generally accessed through a tmux session. For terminal emulators I use urxvt with the Terminus font either bitmapped or TTF. I've tried a variety of programming fonts over the years but I always end up returning to a crisp font face to avoid eye strain. Fossil is my favourite version control system but if a project is already using git, SVN or CVS I'll happily use those, too.

Software Projects

This is an incomplete list of the various software projects that I've worked on over the years and the time frames that I was involved with the projects.